Born in '85, that makes me 33 y/o in November, this year.
1.71 cm tall, well, it says so in my passport.
37,5 American shoesize and 38 European shoesize ^^
I live in Oslo with my dog, he's a pug.
I adopted him in April 2015, named him Tarzan.
Working as a waitress at a restaurant, scandinavian food.
Don't have a bachelor degree or master, I'm a bigtime loser.
Spend too much time on my Xbox & PC. Ops.
Stream at Mixer, but not very often... Luckily, I need a life..
Play a lot of shooting games, but some indie-games as well.
Love horror and thriller movies.
Listen to music and indie-rock is my all top favorite, but metal and pop is good as well.
Love taking pictures, of everything and nothing.
Need to wear glasses when I'm at the cinema, driving a car and watching TV.
Got my driver license two days before I turned 29.
Have my own apartment, bought and paid for.