Woke up early and fell asleep again, but after a couple of hours, we finally got out and walked "downtown" La Mesa and found breakfast and tried to get an Uber, so we could go to San Diego Downtown, but that didn't work, cause I had two accounts and had to delete the old one. So we went back to our place, relaxed a bit and watched Netflix.

I found some places to go, so we went for dinner at Farmer's Table and I had to show ID for ordering beer....


After dinner, I bought some vinyls at a vinyl store and walked home with them. Went back to the bar and was actually home before midnight, so it didn't get late, but I got that massive headache the day after. ^^ 


Had a massssssive headache, ate some breakfast, that came faster out than in. Went to the airport in San Diego to get a GPS, the slowest GPS in the entire world. Pack my things and we drove to Arizona, not much happened that day, we stayed over at his buddy's house in Scottsdale. And got there suuuuper late.